Meike Rosanne Lindsen

Founder & Coordinator

When I drove in a car full of furniture from the Netherlands to Portugal in 2011, I couldn’t wait to leave Dutch culture behind and dive into Portuguese life. To get away from my life in Rotterdam, and to look for a new challenge in Lisbon.
Things turned out slightly differently than I initially thought. Soon I was offered a job as a Dutch language teacher. My Portuguese students wanted to learn “my” language and learn about the Dutch culture. Some of them were even planning to move to this country I had just left, to look for work or to study. They taught me to appreciate my own country, cuture and language again. In early 2012, I started with the idea of organise a Dutch film festival. I always like to say, half-jokingly this idea has gotten slightly out of hand.
I’m proud to say, Cinema Bioscoop is now an international organisation with events in Lisbon, London and Brussels. At every location I’ve been given the oppurtunity to work with local partners and colleagues.
And I? I’ve rediscovered Rotterdam as an inspiring hometown. From here I work as a festival coordinator in Lisbon, London, Brussels, Rotterdam and maybe in the future in your city?

Raquel Cássio

Marketing & Communication

Raquel Cássio studied Social and Cultural Communication at Universidade Católica in Lisbon, and is now taking a master’s degree in Cinema and Television at Universidade Nova. Being a wild dreamer, she moved to Rotterdam for a three-month internship on Cinema Bioscoop. Currently she is having a completely adventurous, passionate, weird life, by enjoying every moment she works for Cinema Bioscoop and sees it grow a bit more.

Maria-Stefania Cojocaru

Marketing & Communication

I consider myself a citizen of the world. That`s partly because I have lived in more than 3 countries so far and traveled mostly around Europe. My passion for traveling was risen from curiosity and from the urge to discover what was beyond my home city and my home country. Along the way, I realized that the best key to challenge yourself while traveling is to speak the local language. And thus, my passion for traveling has indeed sparkled in me the need to learn as many languages as I can. The need for mastering languages determined my next focus: communication. I decided to perfect my communication skills by completing a bachelor’s degree at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Having done so, I can now continue my journey… Along the way, I will focus my attention on bringing an excellent contribution to Cinema Bioscoop.

Chi-Ching Lam


Chi-Ching Lam studies Archeology and China studies in Leiden. When she is not busy studying and reading, she is watching a film or television series. She loves to travel and to capture the special moments on her adventures. Chi-Ching enjoys to take photos for festivals such as Cinema Bioscoop Festival.

Brent Nicolaes


Brent Nicolaes is first of all a movie fanatic, with also a passion for music and arts. He studied Film Editing in RITCS (Brussels) and currently he is studying film in KASK (Ghent). He is one of the founders of Cineclub RITCS where students can screen and talk about a movie in Cinema RITCS. While you’re reading this he’s probably in a movie theater or creating visual arts.

Annelies Dotselaere

Subtitles & Translations

Annelies Dotselaere loves books, movies and television series, and has a great passion for subtitling and translation. Original storytelling has always intrigued her, and after finishing her high school degree in mathematics and sciences, she turned to English and Dutch language, studying for a Bachelor´s Degree in Language and Literature at the KU Leuven in Brussels. After finishing her bachelor she moved on to a Master in Translation, for which she is currently doing an internship at Cinema Bioscoop, an internship which is bringing her one step closer to her dream of working as a translator-subtitler later on.

Annelies Van der Hoeven

Subtitles & Translations

Annelies Van der Hoeven studied Linguistics and Literature at the Kuleuven campus Brussel and is now completing her Master’s degree at the same university. Besides her passion for literature she also loves movies and therefore chose to take a course in subtitling. As an intern she will be helping the Cinema Bioscoop team with translations and the subtitling of movies.

Chi-Yim Lam

Subtitling & Translation

Chi-Yim Lam is currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Translation and is planning to graduate next year. By then, she’ll be specialized in both multimedia and legal translations. In her free time she loves to go running, travelling, and learn new languages. Chi-Yim is over the moon about the collaboration with Cinema Bioscoop and she’s looking forward to all the exciting projects that she is going to encounter in the future.

Eduardo Ferreira

Graphic Designer

Eduardo Ferreira is a graphic designer and illustrator with a degree in Graphic Design, by the Escola Superior de Artes e Design, Caldas da Rainha (ESAD.CR), Portugal, 2009 and develops his freelancer work since then. He lives and works in Lisbon since 2014.

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