CinemaBioscoop’s Mission

Promoting Dutch Language films internationally

CinemaBioscoop is a non-profit organisation that aims to promote Dutch language films and culture in Europe and abroad. Through the power of film, CinemaBioscoop contributes to the recognition and appreciation of the Dutch language and related cultures.

Although it is spoken by a relatively small group of people worldwide, Dutch is a very lively and dynamic language. This is reflected in its ever growing film industry, which produces a wide variety of films that come in all shapes and sizes: dramas, romantic comedies, psychological thrillers, animated films, shorts and documentaries.

Besides organizing Dutch film festivals, CinemaBioscoop coordinates subtitle workshops and film competitions, in order to stimulate a mutual understanding between cultures and to inspire talented filmmakers. CinemaBioscoop is motivated by the desire of promoting films which can get you closer to the Dutch language culture.

CinemaBioscoop is growing every year by increasing its locations. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, or keep an eye on our website to learn more about our recent and future activities in Europe and abroad!

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